Dance Styles
Acrobatics students learn acrobatic skills, as in cartwheels, tumbling, handstands, arial's tumble runs and acrobatic lifts.
Acro Contemporary
Acro/Contemporary, is a combined style of dance, students learn acrobatic skills, as in cartwheels, tumbling, handstands, arieals and more whilst learning the grace dance style of contemporary.
Cecchetti Ballet
Classical ballet lays the foundation for professional dancers, including the best jazz dancers. It also provides the discipline required for many of life's other pursuits. Whether ballet is studied for health, pleasure or as a future career, its benefits are numerous and we suggest students study at least two classes per week when they reach Primary level in order to develop a strong, healthy and well poised body. Ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and l
Comp Jazz
Competitive dancing is a dance styles in which dance competition is the main focus. Dance school perform several different dances in front of judges whom evaluate and score each routine, students or troupes are place 1st,2nd,3rd Honorable Mention often receiving, ribbons, trophies or cash prizes. In recent years, this style of dance has come to be very popular, and proven to be demanding, needing high levels of strength, stamina and flexibility as well as precision.
Tiny Totts
Tiny Totts Jazz supports our younger upcoming jazz dancers..It shows a combination of developing coordination and fitness with a fuse of jazz steps.. They learn how to stretch their body safely, learn jazz kicks, runs and routines are to modern music as well as having lots of fun and gaining confidence.
Fairy Ballet
Come and take a magical journey in Fairy Land and come dressed in your fairy best! This 45 minute class is designed to take your child on a mystical journey through the enchanted land of the fairies. See how they develop their fairy ballet skills and twinkle on there toes like little fairy princesses. Parents are welcomed to stay and be swept away by these little fairies.
Hip Hop
Hip Hop is high energy street movement as seen in your favourite music dvd's by artists such as Usher and Destiny's Child to the hottest R&B, Pop and Hip Hop music.
Jazz Dance is a broad dance form characterised by strong modern variations of moves such as kicks, leaps and turns. It is fast-paced and high energy class with emphasis on jazz styles, rhythms, coordination, body isolation and jazz vocabulary.
Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre is a form of theatre combining songs, spoken dialogue, singing, acting and dance. The emotional content of the piece as well as the story itself is communicated through the words, music, dance and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. So many people now are taken by the revival of many theatrical songs due to GLEE where it has populi zed musicals and given songs a new modern twist.
Elite Competition Jazz
Elite Competition Jazz is a talented group of students who have been selected to represent Supersonics. They have unique opportunities to enter into competitions, perform in parade's at local fetes and festivals, be involved in floor shows and other events.

Supersonics is working towards taking these students to Disneyland USA offering them the most amazing dance opportunity as a performer to experience and have a lifelong memory of what is means to be a performer.
Song and Dance
Song and Dance is a class for all the young pop stars in the making. Students learn simple singing techniques and the ability to sing during choreographed routines. These classes are tailored for 6-12 year olds. Older students may be interested in private singing lessons.
Tap is making a tapping action of the foot on the floor in a variety of rhythmic actions creating many different beats and sounds in syncopation with the music. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking and the ability to "hear" music.

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